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Music Composer, Producer & Artist

R.F.N. (Ramón Fuentes Nieto)...more than 500 Songs and over 600 Remixes published under different pseudonyms! Worked with Lou Bega, Loona, Yakooza, B.b. Thomaz, Julie Thompson, Sabrina Setlur, Jackie Bredie, Franca Morgano, Natalie Marchenko, Raquel Gomez Rey, Fabrizio Levita and more... special thx to Doug Laurent!

Releases on Edel, Sony, ZYX, Busch Media, RFN-Records and ,,,

Contact: office (at) rfn-records.de

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Spotify Playlist “Songs/ Remixes of R.F.N”

Chillhouse Ibiza Collection

Lost Control

Love of My Life (Space Mix)

Kling Glöckchen (Draufgänger Pop Wave Mix)

Trinity (Matrix Wave Mix

The Reality (Analog Minimal Mix)

Com Modore

Hello Sky


_Just Dance 2020 2021 - The EDM Charts Playlist Compilation

lounge of love 12

Dreams (Schiller Mix)

_Room Matez ft Fab - Dreams (Thunder Only Happens When It's Raining Remix EP)

Back to You

Chill out in the Night

Bass Raptor


With Me

Heart to Heart Chillout

Sonnentanz (Chilling Grooves Music

Club Sounds Summer Jam


Energy Wellness - Yoga & Massage Music

Deepmind Clubzone

Time (Deep House Edition)

Hurt You

Where Is Your Love1

book of love


Lounge of love11

House of Tropical1

beach club 2020

hey brother

BeachballChilled Vibes for the Daily Beachlife (Chilling Grooves Music)

Celebrating Diversity World Music (Domestic Division)

Zwei Herzen

Rousing Chilling Beats (Club Femme Music)

Horizon Lightning - Best Chilling Tunes (Chilling Grooves Music)


Chilling Summer Fragrance (Club Femme Music)

Terra Mater World Music (Weekstart Music)

Lazy on the Beach (Ibiza Lounge Records)

Ibiza Soft House Sundowner (Eivissa Recordings (Spain))

acapella vocal classics


A Summer Breeze of Chillout, Vol 2 (Salon De Lounge)

Summer Is on It's Way (Everlasting Sensation)

Luxury Chilling Days (Ibiza Lounge Records)

Chillout Deluxe, No. 2

Chillout Deluxe No. 1

Sensual Chilling Moves (Baccara Music)

Fine Dine & Wine Chillouts (Club Femme Music)

Chill & Grill 2K18 (Chilling Grooves Music)

Electron-New Age of Analog Synth's

killer 2020

Ibiza Kickoff (Eivissa Recordings (Spain))

Melodic (The Trance Mix)

The Sound of Brighton Beach 2018 (South London Recordings)

Finest Barbecue Summer Beats (Everlasting Sensation)

First Jack & Chill Summer Feelings (Baccara Music)

Chill House Del MarBeach Club Mix

Beach Dating (Bikini Sounds Special Marketing)

RelaxeThe Chillout Edition

Licence to Chill (Chilling Grooves Music)

Deep Desert Dreams (House Place Records)

i hate you

The Afternoon Chill (Ibiza Lounge Records)

Just Minimal House, Vol. 2 (Future Sonic Media)

Never Go Back (The Trance Mixes)

Techno Trance Code (Andorfine Digital)

Ultimate Minimal House, Vol2 (Kigen Future House Sounds)

Ibiza Chillout Songs Best of 2017

Trance Winter Session (Attention.Inc Music)

Chillhouse Con Carne, Vol. 2 (House Place Records)

Mykonos Beach Club (Chilling Grooves Music)

Rfn Dancefloor Hits 2016

beach club del mare 2020

Next Level Gaming Music (Bikini Sounds Special Marketing)

Black Chill & Lounge (Sa Trincha Recordings)

Memory, You and Me

Summer 2017 Vibes (Ibiza Lounge Records)

Chillout and Lounge on the Beach (We Love To Lounge)

I Wanna Love Bizarre - The Italo Mixes

Rainbow Techno Trance Classics

Canary Islands Chillout, Vol. 1 (Everlasting Sensation)

Chill with Lounge (Baccara Music)

Fighter (The Policeman Mixes)

Snow & Sunset (Azurro Dancea Recordings)

Dance Music Fever 2016

New York Jazz Lounge Afternoon (Salon Lounge Recordings)

Trance Awakening (Azurro Dancea Recordings)


Der lange Lounge Nachmittag (Salon Lounge Recordings)

Rasta Dancehall, Vol. 2 (Starlight Recordings)

Bar Lounge Music Late Night Songs

Dance Holi Beatsticks (Get Reggae Records)

Winter Chill St. Moritz (Chilling Grooves Music)

Smooth Chillhouse Night, Vol. 2 (Replay Digital)

Halloween 20 Best Chillhouse Tunes (Domestic Division)

Rainbow Techno Trance Classics

Dancehall Beats 2016, Vol. 2 (BE52 Records)

Bahamas Chillout, Vol. 2 (Hotel Tools & Health)

Chillout Eargasm, Vol. 1 (Chilling Grooves Music)

Slow & QuietThe Relaxing Tunes (We Love To Lounge)

Endless Summer Chillout, Vol. 2 (Happy Sounds)

The Miami Softhouse Amigos (Deep House Amigo (Detroit))

Las Vegas Chillout Lounge Music 200 Songs (Sa Trincha Recordings)

Chillhouse Favorites (Chilling Grooves Music)

Stintino Chillhouse Beats of Italy (Tantrum)

Balanced in All Ways (Feiyr Compilation)

Masters of Chillhouse, Vol. 1 (Tantrum)

Relax & Chillhouse, Vol. 2 (Dirrty Budapest)

Seelenfrieden (We Love To Lounge)

Endless Summer Chillout, Vol. 1 (Happy Sounds)

Chillhouse Cocktail Lounge, Vol. 1 (Final House Rec. (Spain))

Sandcastles of Chillhouse (House Place Records)

Música Brasileira, Vol. 2 (Decadencia)

Dia dos Namorados (Salon De Lounge)

Spring Break King Miami (House Place Records)

Chilling Springtime (Chilling Grooves Music)

Alpine Beatz, Vol. 1 (House Place Records)

Sweet Summer Breeze (Chilling Grooves Music)

Hold on & Chill Out (Ibiza Lounge Records)

Chillout Con Carne, Vol. 2 (Ruli Media)

Sound Therapy Ambient & Chillout, Vol. 1 (Mystical Wings Audio)

Dirty Hip Hop Gangster S..t (Choooose Records - New York)

Ritmo do Carnaval Brasil (Decadencia)

Sunny Side Up (Final House Rec. (Spain))

Sad Girl Song Day (Salon De Lounge)

Chill & Grill 2019 (Chilling Grooves Music)

Not Too Fast! 1 Downbeat Compilation (Mofalco Recordings)

House Rule[S] (House Place Records)

#Chillout, Vol. 1

105% Lounge

A Touch of Ibiza Chillhouse

After Sport Relax Sound

Balearic City Biking Mallorca 2015

Anthems of Deep House

Beach House

Beach Sounds Summer 2015

Maximum Fitness Trainer (Sports Audio Tools)

Beachbar Music

Chill House as You Like It (Club Femme Music)

Belize Chillout & Lounge Cocktail

Best Beachhouse Guides

Best of Lounge 2014

Black Cold Beats, Vol.1

Brasil - Latin Ritmo de Copacabana 2015

Cala DHort (Ibiza Beach Lounge Deluxe)

Cala Jondal - Deep Chill House Lounge, Vol. 1

Cala Llonga Soft House Ibiza

SeegeflüsterChilled Vibes for Hot Summer Days (Chilling Grooves Music)

Can­dle­light Din­nerLovely Chillout Tracks

Ibiza Sundowner Session The Pool Files (Final House Rec

Downtempo City - Beat & Dub Scrubs 2015

Cosmopolitain Jazz Pop Lounge Top 100

Cool and Clear Best Chillhouse 2015

Chillout to Go

Chillout House for Bars

Chillout - 200 Chillout Songs

Chillhouse Never-Ending Trip

Chilled House Platinum

Cafe HouseChilled Afternoon House Grooves (Chilling Grooves Music)

Carnival of Chillhouse (Top Music for Crazy Days)

Energy Tracks (Alterna Sounds)

Finest Ibiza Beachhouse 2015

Firestone Chillhouse & Lounge

Full Speed House & Chillhouse

Harder Tunez

High Noon Chillout

Hip Hop Non Stop, Vol.3

Hot Candy Chillout

Ibiza Chillhouse Beats

Chilling on the Beach (Chilling Grooves Music)

Ibiza Chillout

Edelweiß Alpine Chill to Unwind (Chilling Grooves Music)

Jazz in Jazz Out

Jingle Bells best X-mas Chillhouse Music 2014

Kreta Chillout-Lounge Music- 200 Songs

Late Night Jazz

Late Night Summer Chillhouse

Let's Get Chillhouse

Lounge Bar Classics

Malibu & Orange At Cala Jondal Ibiza - The Chillhouse Tunes

Misch Masch - House Session

Memorial Day Lounge, Vol. 1

Business-Lounge Chilled Vibes for Traveling (Chilling Grooves Music)

Memories of Brazil - Lounge & Chillout Mix

Ministry of Lounge

Mission Beach House & Chillhouse

Mixtape of Love - Chillhouse Music Deluxe

Music Culture Chill an Deephouse

Musica Brasileira Best Of

My House Is Your House 2014.2

Niveau Chillhouse Night

Once Again, Pump It Hard

No Tengo Latina- Best Latin Disco Pop 2015

Social Om Dancing (LunaRu Travel Compilations)

Nothing but Chillout

Nu Jazz in the House, Vol2

Palm Garden Lounge

Portinatx Beaches - Downbeat  Dub Sound of Ibiza

Revolution of Chillhouse

Samba Salsa Rumba Brasil 2015

Soft House

Spanish & Brazil Chillout Lounge

With Me2

Special Treats of Chill and Deep House

Eat.SleepDanceRepeat Deep & Melodic House Bangers

Spring - Summer Chillhouse Mix 2015

Spring Break Miami - The R&B & Hip Hop Choooose

Springtime Collection - Best of Chillout & Lounge

Sunshine Beach & Best Chillhouse

Sunshine Radio Cala Codolar Ibiza

That's How Chillhouse Sounds

That's How Chillout Sounds

The House Lounge

House of Fifty Chills

The Lounge in Space Best Lounge Selection

Big Room N House (Dirrty Budapest)

These Sounds Fall Into My Mind - Best of House Music

Top Christmas Chillhouse Music 2014

Ultimate Deep and Chillhouse 2015

US Chillhouse Department

Various Artists - Deep Space Night - The Chillout & Lounge Collection, Vol1

Venedig Chillout Lounge Music - 200 Songs

Winter Lounge 2015

Winter Music Conference Deep House Lounge Miami



Into the Sunset from Chill to Chill House (Chilling Grooves Music)









Body Trance Version (Bootleg Beats)


Chill Fun Sun Tunes (Chilling Grooves Music)


100 Chillhouse Workout Music

Premium Lounge Sound

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil1

Chillhouse Anthology

100 Best of Dubstep Music

Summer Chillhouse Party

4 DJs Only - Downtempo & Dub Beats, Vol1

Yeah! Don't Stop This

Noche Balearica - Finest Lounge Music

Weekend Bangers (House Place Records)

Beach Grooves - Nu Balearic Disco 2014

Seaside Beach

Sundown Cafe Chillhouse

Ombak Bali - Surf Lounge Spot, Vol.1

Massive Dubfans - Downtempo Beats #1

Singapore Lounge Deluxe

Sunhouse & Sandcastles, Vol.1

Europe House Magazine

Tropical Island Feeling (House Place Records)

Party Girls Handsup Warm Up1

Free Your Summer Vibes (Everlasting Sensation)

The Lounge and Chill Association

Business Class Lounge Sound

Saint Tropez 21 - Cosmic Disco House 2014

Epic Chillout 2014

Smooth Jazz With Sex

Balearic Lounge Club Ibiza

Football Party 2014 - 100 Worldcup Hits

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil333

Cruse Control (Chilling Grooves Music)

100 Songs in Chillout & Lounge

Roller Coaster Ride

World of Clubbing Vienna at Night (Decadencia)

Prima Latina (Salon De Lounge)

Harlem Bodyfit Music, Vol. 1 (Choooose Records - New York)

Hotel Wellness and Relax Chillout, Vol. 5 (Alterna Sounds)

Mallorca Chillout Lounge Music 200 Songs (Sa Trincha Recordings)

Música Brasileira, Vol. 1 (Decadencia)

Música Brasileira, Vol. 3 (Decadencia)

No Hectic, No Stress Calm Down Runterkommen, Vol. 1 (Sa Trincha Recordings)

Die Mallorca Schlager Party 2019 (Everlasting Sensation)

Salsa Loca (Decadencia)

Tiefseetaucher 2020 Deep House Essentials

Aruba Surf Club Lounge, Vol.1

Ibiza Garden Chill Out Lounge Grooves 2014

After Business Club, Vol3

Cooking Downbeats, Vol2

Sunny Chill - Lounge Collection

FM Dubstep 2013

Decandencia Chillout 2014

Maximum Energy for Electro House

Alternative Summer 2019 (Alterna Sounds)

Most Wanted Chill & Lounge 2013

A Wall of Smooth and Relaxing Sounds (Dance All Ways Digital)

Various Artists - Trance me to the Moon

50 Remix Classics - Best Of James Bond Tribute Songs

Pop Made in Germany

Trance Top 100 Best of 2013

We Just Trust in Trance 2013

Country Club Lounge

X-Mas Dance Now! - Christmas Club Hits 2013

Lounge Top 100, Vol. 2

Stranded Ibiza, Vol4 (Eivissa Recordings (Spain))

Dance to Trance 2013

Profound Deep House (Jizoom)

Chill Lounge & Deep House Session, Vol. 2

Trance Muzik Selection 2013

Dance Village, Vol. 1

Dubstep Bangerz USA 2014 by FUK

Just Dance 2014 - 50 EDM Club Electro House Hits

Big City Afternoon Chill Lounge

50 Acoustic Bar Lounge Classics - Best Of Chillout Songs Vol1

Trance Jungle

Blast off Within Space (Dirrty Budapest)

Booty Style - 40 Famous Remixes - Best Of Lady Gaga Tribute Songs

um up the Beat Work Out Tracks to Push Your Limits

Trance Energyzer Summer Selection 2013

Deejay Dance Rotation - Trance, House and Techno, Vol. 8

Chillout and Lounge - The Best of 2013

Various Artists - German Trance Charts 2013

Die Deutsche Pop & Rock Collection

Skyfall Lounge Music

Minimal Tech House 2013, Vol. 12

Trance Adventure, Vol. 1

Schlager Zeit 2019 (Everlasting Sensation)

Die Mega Dubstep Compilation - 80 Tracks

Minimalized (South London Recordings)

Dancehall Ragga Taca

Travel Trance 2013

Cafe Del Luna - Ibiza Chillout & Lounge

Pure Electro Music

Top 50 Dubstep Sounds of Underground - Red Edition

Trance Party Spring 2013

Power Energy - Electro House Selection 2013

Latin Flavour, Vol. 1

If You Need Some Vitamin Sea in Winter Time (Bootleg Beats)

Minimal Ultimate Charts 2013

Hop 'Til You DropBig Rooms Newcomer 2020 (Electro Babes)

Silent Garden - Ambient & Chillout

Chillout, Relax & Massage

Top 40 Chillout & Relaxing Tunes

Find Your Center - Yoga Music

The Hammock Beach House Lounge

Tropic Beach Lounge

Pure Dubstep Addicted

Luxus, Lounge & Chill, Vol. 3

Xmas Chillhouse Wishes (Salon Lounge Recordings)

Pop Goes to World

Ambient & Chill Vibes (We Love To Lounge)

United States of Dubstep By Dj Absinth

Ride the Mountain of Music

Party Girls Handsup Warm Up

Dubstep Locked 2013

Electro Style Baby

Uk Dubstep Vol.02

Smooth Chill Out and Lounge Sounds 2013

Techno-Trance Never Dies

Xmas Chilling Bells (Baccara Music)

Electro Pop Frequency

Somewhere over the RainbowEDM Festival Highlights 2021

Chill Out Beach Cafe Vol.1

Various Artists - Jet Set Chill

Romantic Lounge Moment

69 Must Have Chillout And Lounge Songs

Various Artists - Love Lounge

Various Artists - 50 Trance Tunes

Various Artists - Miami Trance of the Night

Various Artists - Chillout Lounge Mix

Monday Mountain Cruise (Feiyr Compilation)

Electro House Lovers 2013

Relaxing over Ramen

Various Artists - Party 2 Daylight

Dance On Abba - The Remix Cover Tribute

90's Hits Euro Dance Remix Classics Vol

New Wave Pop Classics - Best Of 80's Dance Remix Collection Vol

90's Hits Euro Dance Remix Classics Vol1

New Life Generation - Instrumental Mode Vol

Just Dance 2013 - Top 40 Club Electro & House Hits

This Is Our HouseBig Room and House Music (House Place Records)

#1 Club Hits 2013 - Best Of Dance, House & Electro

Karneval Schlager Party (Golden Jukebox)

Dubai Best Lounge Music, Vol. 4 (Hotel Tools & Health)

Yin & Yang A Journey from Chill to Chill House (Chilling Grooves Music)

The Cigar Lounge - Relaxing, Chill & Inspiring (Chilling Grooves Music)

Soft House of Playa Den Bossa Ibiza (Eivissa Recordings (Spain))

The Chill Room (Chilling Grooves Music)

Balancing Rocks (Chilling Grooves Music)


Cafe House 2020




Down Time (Chilling Grooves Music)






United Chillout Department, Vol. 1 (Chilling Grooves Music)

Chill by Chill (Chilling Grooves Music)

Chillout Everybody! Time to Relax, Vol. 2 (Alterna Sounds)

Timeless Chilling (Chilling Grooves Music)








Allez ! On danse alors - 50 French Sax Club Hits

Vapor LoungeThe Future of Relaxing
















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